My Story

  July 2010: I am so excited that I have found Scentsy! My inspiring story started in July, 2010. We were at our campground and stopped in the front office. I was amazed at the aroma and asked, “Wow, what’s that….potpourri?” Before I knew it, my boyfriend bought the large warmer (Riverbed) and 3 candle bars. I was hooked! When we brought it back to our camper, plugged it in and the room smelled awesome!  I knew everyone at home may not have heard about Scentsy -  Something kept nudging me to share this product with others. I could not get Scentsy off of my mind -- 24/7. My feelings were totally out of character for me...me sell products? meet new people? overcome my shyness? WOW!   Yes, I have become more outgoing and confident.  I am proud to be a Certified Consultant after 3 short months!!  A title I never thought I would achieve.  And onwards to becoming a Lead Consultant just a few months after!   I am part of an awesome Scentsy team that loves and supports me everyone every step of the way!   I investigated Scentsy’s website and found a consultant close to my home. After I read her story, I got the courage to call Helen and she was amazing! She welcomed me into her home and she explained how easy it is to get started. Helen shared her experiences and ideas. She invited me to come along to one of her parties, and when she mentioned her girlfriend, Kathy, I said, “I know her.” What a small world! coincidence -- I believe it was a sign to really get involved in this business. On September 30th, 2010, I JOINED, and my journey with Scentsy began! I believe that God puts people in your path for a reason. He was the one nudging me to go for a new endeavor in my life. Like the Serenity prayer, I found the “courage to change the things I can.”   I am sure you will be hooked - and love Scentsy, too...JOIN my team...   just $99.00 for the startup kit.    You get everything you need to kick off your Scentsy career and start scentsifying everyone's life!!   Call me and get involved with the latest craze in candles -- Scentsy wickless candles --  Contact me TODAY and I would be happy to get you started.   Thanks for reading my story and have a blessed day!   Have a Scentsational Day!  Diane Krupa scents2amor@att.net (216) 659-4133 Escential Consultant - 09/30/2010 Certified Consultant - 12/08/2010 Lead Consultant - 3/2012   BUY  ---    HOST     ---   JOIN <!--endbody-->